Folk on the Rocks with No Ice

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Hi friends! We’d just like to take a minute to give an enormous thank you to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for helping us get all the way up to the Northwest Territories and back. We truly appreciate living in a province with such a supportive organization. Hopefully we made you all proud. We’d also like to thank Folk on the Rocks, The Gateway Music Festival, Vissia, Heidi and Russ Broccolo, and the fine folks of Fort Providence and Hay River. Special shout out to Kelsey Chabot for all her beautiful design work, and for putting up with us in a van for 4500 kilometres.

Megan Nash is already back on the road touring Ontario. The rest of us are desperately seeking air conditioning for the rest of the summer. We’ll be back performing together on August 31st at Market Under the Stars. Until then, have a look at a couple pictures from tour.


Photo by Kelsey Chabot.

You receive a certificate once you cross the 60th parallel from the visitor centre. They also have free coffee. Pretty neat.


Photo by Kelsey Chabot.

We played the main stage on Sunday afternoon. Darnell had to lend Dana a jacket for this performance.


Photo by Darnell Stewart.

Megan and Kelsey lookin’ all cool at Folk on the Rocks. The catering in the artist area was unreal.


Photo by Colin Lovequist.

Post-Gateway pals. So many friends from the Saskatchewan music scene were there. What a fun festival to cap the tour off. Thanks again everyone.


Bears + Nash