Second Cup!

It’s 8:00, April 11th in Regina, Saskatchewan and I’m listening to Summer of Lust by Library Voices. Tonight Brady and I decided to bask in the wonderful spring weather by having a little barbecue. Two burgers and a disappointing Jay’s game later we find ourself wading waist deep in a sea of grant applications for Canadian Music Week. It’s an exciting and interesting process learning how to plan this trip and get the most out of this amazing opportunity. Furthermore, it’s really cool to live in a province that provides options to support us financially as we approach this project. With the help of some good friends like Nick Faye and Carly and Shann Gowan, we’re slowly starting to work our way through this process. For now, we have a long list of things “to-do” and an even longer one of questions to ask when we get a chance to talk to people who know more about this than we do. With that under our belt it’s about time to go to McNally’s and see our friends The New Montagues crush some grade-A covers.

All the best,

First Blood

It’s 1:00 AM, Monday March 30th and I’m in Regina, Saskatchewan. I’m listening to Midnight Vultures by Beck. I guess this will be the first Bears in Hazenmore blog post. For those who don’t know me, my name is Dana and I mostly play bass and saxophone in the band. I’ve also been working on planning our tour for this summer. It’s proving to be a really exciting and interesting process. We’re all really excited for what the summer has to offer, and a western Canadian tour is just one of the many great things we’ll be doing. Pretty soon we’ll be going into the studio to record our second EP, then to Toronto for Canadian Music Week (we should probably book some flights, hey guys?), and hopefully playing a few other festivals which so far include Long Day’s Night in Swift Current and All Folk’d Up in Montmartre. All that stuff can probably be found elsewhere on the site, so I won’t go on to much more. As time goes on you’ll likely hear from all of us in Bears through this blog. I’m willing to bet most of it will be garbage, but I’m also reasonably confident that at least some of it won’t totally suck. For now, this is where I leave you.

Best Wishes,